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If you are an empath like 35% of us are, that means you are a sieve to energy of all types, positive and negative. This makes the likelihood of success for any Atlantis Scalar service much lower.  In addition, success can be hindered if you have energy blocks like 80% of us do or if you have a previously agreed upon spiritual contract that denies you achieving complete success. Erik says 10% of you have such contracts and sadly, 4% cannot be revoked. So, be sure you find out if you are an empath, have energy blocks or spiritual contracts that can and/or need to be revoked before ordering any other service.  

If you order the $20 TRIFECTA Consult, Erik will also let you know if you have any or the three. This is different from the full Consult with Master Angel Erik.

If you are an empath and don’t get the empath protection package, have energy blocks and don’t order the opening energy blocks service, and/or have a spiritual contract that is not revoked before or shortly after we perform any other service, we cannot be responsible for a lack of complete success and I will no longer repeat the services unless these are done, if they are the cause of incomplete success.  

NOTE: You still have a 75% chance of success without clearing energy blocks and 65% chance of success if you are an empath that doesn’t get protected. It’s up to you whether you want to take the risk.   

Energy Work/Portal Work
Consultation from Master Angel Erik
Answer Yes/No Questions
Coming Soon
Message From a Loved one or light being
Guardian Angel Name
Chakra Work
Healing Recommendations
Healing Kits and Tools
Healing Spiritual Illness
Mediumship Package
Empath Protection
Revocation of Spiritual Contracts
Guardian Angel e-Gift
Past/Future Life Trauma Report
Question Mental Illness Diagnosis
Portal and Negative Entity Count
Business Abundance
Missing Persons and Pets