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I just found out from my husband that we are going to be on vacation in the Hill Country returning Friday of next week!! So I can’t do any services until then! Frankly, I do need a break. I’m going to email those whose services I did today in just a sec. Some have portal work and chakra work but I will do the chakra work when I come back. Now that I’m caught up on most of the portal work (with the exception of 3-4 who just ordered, I will concentrate on the chakra work, healing spiritual illness, and empath protection and one trauma report early the week I return, then a lot of mediumship bundle stuff late that week. I will try to get the consults, yes or no questions and portal scans tomorrow, but that’s our big day with the family…that’s when we celebrate, so it depends on the grandkids! So I will return ON NEW YEARS DAY! I promise I will work like a crazy woman when I return, well rested.

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Two Quick (but Important) Messages

Hey, all!

Of course first and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season and let you know that I will be taking the grandkids to Kerrville in the Texas Hill Country Friday, returning Sunday late. I will start working on orders early Monday morning.

My son, Lukas, set up a merchandise page because we received many requests and new things like hoodies, etc. will be forthcoming. But I was a bit dismayed by the prices and had him look for another, more reasonable vendor. And he has found one. For his efforts, I’m letting him make a very small profit since he is coordinating everything including fulfillment, but I make nothing on this, nor do I wish to. I think it would be fun to have t-shirts or hoodies with cute messages like, “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, ARIEL, HAD BIGGER WINGS THAN YOURS” or “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, ERICA, LOVES ME.” Again, if you have any cool ideas for Lukas and it comes to fruition, you’ll get the item for free!

HERE’S A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Almost all of the energy work we’ve been doing has been successful. The ones that fell short were for one of two reasons:

  1. There were enormous numbers of negative entities in and around their energy bodies and home
  2. The wrong service was ordered. In other words, several people did not order the package that covered ALL those in their household. The problem with that is this: As soon as we start the energy work on that person, their negative entities go straight to the others in the home only to return just before we can apply the permanent, impenetrable shield. Repeating the energy/portal work is much harder and takes twice as long as the original work. That said, if you order the WRONG package, I CAN NO LONGER REPEAT THE WORK FOR YOU FOR FREE. SO PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX FOR ANY SERVICE YOU ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING.

I hope you all understand this reasonable request.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Here’s a video with comforting words from Erik that I hope might help for those of you who are struggling during the holidays.

Elisa, Erik and the rest of the Divine Team

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Weekly Announcement

Hey all,

I’m going to try to post important announcements and other things every week for you guys. Since the inner OCD in me LOVES lists (Yes, I have a list of my lists) I’d do this in, well, a list:

1. I plan on doing portal work that hasn’t been done both on Tuesday and Wednesday, so if you are on that list, then go ahead and do the three part sequence of the 4096 Hz tone, the Palo Santo spray and then the 528 Hz tone throughout the house, including the garage and basement. Be sure not to miss the closets. If you’re using Palo Santo sticks, walk around with a lighter because you’ll probably need to keep re-lighting it. Although I left links on a recent mass email to you guys, you can find the tones on YouTube if you search, e.g. “4096 Hz pure tone.” It’s okay if you can’t do this before Wednesday. Erik will know that and will ask Archangels Metatron and Raphael to clear the negative energy. In fact, when he’s done this before, a few of you have woken up to see Metatron standing by the bed!

2. As you know, we always ask Archangel Michael to guide earthbound spirits that might be stuck in your home on on your property back into the light. As we were doing this for one client, here’s what happened. HILARIOUS!

Hi Elisa! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had a spirit attached to me these past few days, and today he came with me to a friends house. I asked the spirit while I  was driving ‘how does he travel with me to other places.’ Did they float alongside the vehicle? I assumed the spirits just stayed at the house. He said ‘I’m sitting in the back seat’. And I saw him sitting there in the back seat. About 30 minutes later, while still driving, I see him ‘sucked’ out of the vehicle. He looked so surprised. And I just knew you were doing portal work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


3. Speaking of testimonials, here’s a great one!

I had tears welling up reading your email. I felt a change the next day but I just wanted to check. I felt lighter and happier. I know something went wrong when so many things began to happen that were negative. I feel alive again and a new world is coming to my family and I. You spent six  hours on me? Omg, Elisa, that is a lot of time. I know you do it with care for everyone. You are an angel on Earth for sure! I am so lucky to have you and Erik in my life. I will forever be grateful and I love you and your team dearly.

You are a light and I feel like I know you personally. I wont tell a soul, promise! My life was just going along nothing great, I think I was in a rut and wished for many things. Unfortunately, I saw all the bad things that were beginning to happen to me as the change I asked for but only it came in ways I was not expecting, like my husbands heart attack, two fender benders, my cat passing, my tooth infection and then the fire. I wanted to move and I was bored with my life as it was. All these things were wiped away in a moment and it was horrific. When you told me you did the portal work, I knew it because everything changed. My heart felt like it was floating and I found my smile again. Everything felt crisp and clear and safe. We had to live in a hotel for one month and now we are in a rental. If it weren’t for insurance, we would be in big trouble but we are fortunate to have a nice house that accommodates my elderly parents, myself and my husband and kids. I will be in touch in 2 weeks.  


4. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Because of many, many requests, my son Lukas has set up a merchandise page for you. BUT we also want you to be a part of the decision making for future merchandise so we are going to hold a CONTEST! Anyone who makes a decision on a type of merchandise and its design that eventually becomes a reality will receive their creation FOR FREE! Send all ideas to Lukas at Until then, here is the link to current merchandise!

5. Next, check out the latest YouTubes on the new Atlantis Scalar YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe! Lot’s more in queue! Soon, we will interview Lambert Scalvini, an expert in negative entities and a font of information about them.

Here’s our radio show about dreams!

And last, a wonderful interview with Tom Paladino from who discusses all the various potential in scalar energy and how it can change the world and humanity! We need to make sure it’s NO LONGER OPPRESSED TECHNOLOGY!

6. Finally, here are the new links and this time THEY WILL WORK!!

Happy Holiday’s everyone!


Erik and Elisa

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Orders from Medhus Enterprises – Delays

Hello All,

A number of factors have contributed to delays in recent Palo Santo spray orders:

  • The winter weather situation in the Northeast (shipments from our supplier are held up)
  • The large volume of orders for the spray (this has cleaned out all of my stock)
  • The holiday rush

If your order contains the Palo Santo spray, you will most likely not receive until after Christmas. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

I am working with my supplier to place a larger order to restock our “shelves” so we won’t run into this issue again. On another note, all other products are in stock.

P.S. Check out the new Atlantis Scalar Merch! Preorder yours today at

Merchandise orders over $75 get free standard shipping. Use coupon code FREESHIPPING75 at checkout!

(coupon must be applied to merchandise only orders)

Best Regards,