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Unsubscribing, New Rules for Consults and NEW BABY!

Hi my beautiful souls!

As you know, I lowered the price of a Consult from Master Angel Erik Medhus so that people could make sure that they and other members of their family did not have “The Trifecta” that hinders the chance of success for the energy work I do with the Divine Team, particularly portal work: Being an empath, having a lot of energy blocks and/or having spiritual contracts that no longer serve you that deny that success.

Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped with consult orders by many who are just curious and, admittedly, will not order any services. I received 66 such orders in the last 24 hours, so this is an untenable situation for me. It actually takes a lot of prep to get rid of any negative entities or other saboteurs that don’t want you to have empath portection, portal work, etc. so it’s not just asking Erik what you need. So it takes an average of 40 minutes per person.

That said, I’m going to create another consult JUST TO SCREEN FOR THE TRIFECTA for IF you have had portal work. The full consult will go back to the original price. I need to concentrate on people who want help rather than just people who are curious, although there is nothing wrong with that! It’s just that I’m only one person, so… I hope you understand. So order the Trifecta Consult from Erik IF you have had portal work or if you order it at the same time. I will have Lukas suspend consults until he gets that up and running.

Also, you only need the Palo Santo spray for portal work, not for any of the other services. Lukas will make that change as well.

ABOUT UNSUBSCRIBING: Lukas has researched and researched and there is no way to unsubscribe from posts. I will try to decrease the frequency of the posts, and if you definitely want to be unsubscribed, your account has to be permanently deleted. It’s okay if you want that, though. AND we tried to find a way to eliminate the Company Field but it’s a plugin that can’t be customized to put anything you want there. Some have been quite original!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! My 5th grandbaby, a daughter, will enter this crazy but awesome world tomorrow around 7 A.M. She’s breech so it’s a scheduled C-section. Wish us luck and send love and prayers to new Baby Braly.

Check for the aforementioned changes in the next day or two.

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Whoa, this is CRAZY!

Okay, so maybe that was click bait but not entirely. Just wanted you to know that I’ve been cranking out the consults like a mother f-er and I am often reduced to tears when I read your stories that you put into the order.

Also, as I’ve said, remember that when we do portal work on a household, if there’s someone in the family that has one or more of the infamous trifecta [empath, energy blocks, spiritual contracts to revoke] then to ensure your energy work is successful, we need to get them taken care of. You can either use the inexpensive $6 question to ask if anyone in the family is hindering things or you can order a consult on them if you feel pretty sure they’re in need of help.

Also, I WISH WE DIDN’T NEED A FIELD FOR COMPANY but we can’t get rid of it. Just write in whatever you want: Bozo the Clown, “Who the fuck cares” or whatever you want. That last one was Erik’s suggestion.

Also know that the 3 part sequence can be done ANYTIME BETWEEN 7 DAYS BEFORE PORTAL WORK UP UNTIL 7 DAYS AFTER!!

A lot of you have ordered one consult asking about every family member, but I can’t do that. One consult=one person. It takes a lot longer than you think.

When you order a service, Erik says that it’s okay to wait for 10 weeks (2.5 months) before ordering the next but NO MORE THAN THAT or it might not be successful. There is no limit to how soon you order a service after completing a prior one but I always believe you should wait for the 12-16 days to see if the service fulfills all of your needs before purchasing another.

Last, I was actually (believe it or not) my husband asked me what I wanted in so far as buying something. He loves buying new sweaters, jackets and hats, but I thought about it long and hard and couldn’t come up with ONE thing. Nada. I am fine with my Walmart/Academy clothing line blend, much to the chagrine of my daughters. I don’t wear anything but costume jewelry, if that, and I’m fine with my old Jeep which, being a hermit, I never really drive much anyway, And maybe it’s weird but it kind of bothered me that there is nothing material that I want. Until I realized that it was this, Atlantis Scalar, helping my son help others, that really fulfills me. My Amex card hates me.

It has been cold lately and I’ve been thinking about how the cold affects me. I do love the change in seasons, which we don’t get much of here in Houston, but summer before last in Norway, since I almost died, I have adjusted my perspective. Talk about a crazy woman who has put WAY too much on her plate this incarnation. Damn. WHY? Check out this interview that my daughter, Kristina, held with right after I almost died in Norway. The facts aren’t entirely correct. I was lost in the tundra, hard cold rain, wind and 28 degrees F. And my core body temp AFTER they warmed me up in the tundra was 84 degrees F. That’s freaking cold and 1-2 hours away from death. I’ll attach the interview and the document with details mostly because I want you all to know that you are NOT alone in this, the human experience. I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk and always will. GOD I LOOKED OLD HERE.

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Impulse Vacay!

Hey all, no need to respond (hint, hint) but I found out we’re taking our 4 year-old grandson camping in Galveston and will return Monday evening. I forgot it was MLK Jr. Day, so the hubby is off. I won’t be working on orders, but I did a lot of consults and will email you about them on the way or while I’m there depending on the Wi-fi. Didn’t get the last few that came in, but i’ll get to them when I get back. PLEASE try not to email me because you know me by now….I will feel compelled to answer. THANK YOU!! LOVE YOU!

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Slow the Roll!

Okay, here’s a comment from one of my fave AS peeps:


It’s true. I am a TERRIBLE businesswoman, always have been, so it’s a good thing I consider it a passion rather than a business. And yes, I repeat any energy work it it’s not successful because of me. That was early on and so far doesn’t happen anymore. Knock on wood. Still, every month, I do a retrograde integration protocol to integrate any new language written in my Prayers of Intent. And every time I do a service, I ask Erik if anyone needs to have it re-done and if yes, we take care of those in one session without the need to know their names. It’s not really like doing it all over again since it’s partially successful.

Okay, as to the title. Those who know me know I have an Obsessive Compulsive Personality, so if I see an order some it, I feel compelled to take care of it right away. That’s why so many of you are surprised by the quick results. But that makes for 14 hour/7 days a week for me and one or two that were 20 hours. So for my benefit and yours (of course no sane business person would say this) please get order one service at a time. Usually, portal work is the most important followed by Empath Protection, followed by Opening Energy Blockages with Spiritual Contract Revocation as a close third. The others are less crucial. Still, it’s a good idea to wait and see how each service affects you and your family.

About family. Sometimes, when portal work isn’t as successful, we don’t know which family member might be an empath, which might have contracts to revoke and which have energy blocks, so it’ll take a consult on each one, usually only the adults and older teens. The little guys haven’t been through enough shit (Erik, stop making me say that! Actually, I do curse and love it. Sorry.) to need these services. But it’s okay to do a consult on one person at a time, starting with your gut instincts on who the “culprit” is!.

Check out this encouraging story:

Hi Elisa and Erik,

Just a quick note of appreciation to you guys. When I woke up yesterday 75% of my aches and pains had disappeared. It was quite profound. I didn’t realize what was happening until I checked my emails a couple of hours later and saw your message of the chakra work finished. Very effective!!!!Thank you so much for the extra work you both felt I needed. It will prepare me to learn, help others and pass on the good will which I am very grateful for. Keep up the great work and Merry Xmas to you both and your family. 

Michelle xx

ONE LAST IMPORTANT THING: Do NOT be alarmed (as several people who have had portal work have been) if you see a very tall, dark and massive figure standing my your bed. That’s Archangel Metatron who comes in with Archangel Rafael to clean up any stray negative energy. TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM AND ARE GRATEFUL!

I’m posting some new videos on the CE and the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channels!

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Weekly Announcements!

Hello my sweet Atlantis Peeps. Check out this great testimonial I got yesterday that makes this all worthwhile.

Hi Elisa 

Just to let you know your scalar energy works. I contacted you regarding my teenage daughter going in and out of psychiatric for well over a year because of psychoses. Well, the psychoses has stopped and basically the shadows she’s seen (who in psychoses tells her to go to the woods so they can inform her what to do) are totally gone. The girl started to change back to normal the week you started working.

This means she can in the future lead a normal life, after being a school drop out for a couple of years. She is still fragile since this has taken a toll on her, but most importantly she is not being sucked for energy like she used to And much more at peace.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love from Norway


Now for the other announcements. In some cases, $20 consults, Erik is piling on a lot of services so from now on I’m asking him to suggest the bare minimum, whatever is critical. And I implore you to NOT order everything at once. Let us do ONE service, then wait to see what effect it has before ordering the next one. Almost all of the energy work peaks at 14-16 days so please take baby steps. Also, Erik tells me that you can do the three step sequence from 7 days before up to 7 days after your service is performed.

This weekend, I spent several hours re-doing the energy work on people. The Divine Team said that the portal work that I didn’t do successfully were all from October: 3 families (less than 1%) 18 individuals (3%) and 8 couples (2%). There have been no errors in any energy work from November 1st through today. I guess I was still in the process of learning, but now I’m batting 100% and Erik gave me a frequency set and script to re-do those that were my bad. Didn’t give me the names because spelling them all out letter by letter is exhausting and ultimately unnecessary. Everyone is good now!

Good news: I asked Erik to try to set the price lower on the Opening Energy Blockages and he did! My almost $200. So it’s a real bargain now. Also, he told me that WE can actually revoke spiritual contracts. Archangel Michael gave me a long list of frequencies and the (rather long) script for the intent. He said it will be much more successful than going to another healer. HERE’S THE LINK:

Also, I’ve given a lot of you the incorrect link for the Healing Toolkit. (Old lady brain!) HERE IS THAT LINK:

By the way, if you order the $20 consult, please look out for the coupon code for a $20 store credit that Lukas will send you.

Last, please add me to your contacts so my emails don’t go to your spam folder. It has happened!

Chakra and empath work tomorrow!


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Solution to the Problem

I decided not to add a service for you to ask if you have any of the three things that might interfere with the success of any Atlantis Scalar service, including portal work: Being an empath, having energy blocks and/or having a spiritual contract that needs to be revoked. When you order the $20 consult, I’ll just add in those three questions. Easy peasy and no extra charge. So I encourage you to FIRST order a consult with Master Angel Erik before ordering ANYTHING else. By the way, I cleared all my energy blocks yesterday and woke up with no neck and back pain for the first time in years! I’m sure it doesn’t cure everything, but it will definitely help many issues, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

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I finally figured out why some (not many) people aren’t getting full success from the the Atlantis Scalar services.

If you are an empath like 35% of us are, that means you are a sieve to energy of all types, positive and negative. This makes the likelihood of success for any Atlantis Scalar service much lower.  In addition, success can be hindered if you have energy blocks like 80% of us do or if you have a previously agreed upon spiritual contract that denies you achieving complete success. Erik says 10% of you have such contracts and sadly, 4% cannot be revoked. So, be sure you find out if you are an empath, have energy blocks or spiritual contracts that can and/or need to be revoked before ordering any other service.  Lukas will put a screening service on the services page very soon so you can ask whether you have any of the three issues. PLEASE READ BELOW ABOUT WHAT ISSUES ENERGY BLOCKS CAN CAUSE.

If you are an empath and don’t get the empath protection package, have energy blocks and don’t order the opening energy blocks service, and/or have a spiritual contract that is not revoked before or shortly after we perform any other service, we cannot be responsible for a lack of complete success and I will no longer repeat the services unless these are done, if they are the cause of incomplete success.  

NOTE: You still have a 75% chance of success without clearing energy blocks and 65% chance of success if you are an empath that doesn’t get protected. It’s up to you whether you want to take the risk.  DO NOT ORDER THE OPENING ENERGY BLOCKS SERVICE YET. I’M GOING TO ASK ERIK FOR A SUBSTANTIAL PRICE DECREASE.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ENERGY BLOCKS CAN CAUSE THE FOLLOWING: Mental illness, emotional problems, spiritual illness and physical illness, including pain. If you have any of these, I suggest you ask Erik through the yes or no question if opening energy blockages will help those or not.

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve just repeated the following for all who have ordered these services in the past: empath protection, healing spiritual illness, DNA activation, opening energy blocks, overhauling chakras, opening the crown chakra, and opening the third eye. I will do the same for decalcification of the pineal gland, awakening the kundalini and all portal work, be it will take time. I hope this shows you that we do care about you and will put forth any amount of effort to see that you are happy and whole.

THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT: If you order portal work for the family and several in the household are empaths and/or have energy blocks, I’m going to ask Erik to set a price for an empath protection bundle and an energy block opening bundle when you order portal work. I’ll so the same for individual and 2-person households. Poor Lukas!!

LAST ANNOUNCEMENT: Erik says that if the Palo Santo Spray is too expensive (especially with international shipping) it’s okay to use the sticks as long as you keep it lit while you smudge. That will mean carrying a lighter or matches with you as you travel from room to room.

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Exciting Announcements for EVERYONE!

I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ATLANTIS SCALAR ANNOUNCEMENT! Erik wants to encourage people to purchase a consult with him first –hang on for the good news–because he feels people are ordering services they don’t need, wasting their money, and/or not ordering what they truly need. So he dropped the price of the consult (He sets all of the prices) from $65 to $20 AND, that $20 is credited against any future services ordered. He wants people to be well and whole and he and the Divine Team knows best how to do that. The more people spend unnecessarily on AS services, the less money is available for important sessions with healers, Shamans, etc. that the Erik recommends for you. What we’ve seen is that around 2-3% of our portal work is not completely successful (and we repeat for free until it is.) This is for one of two reasons (sometimes both): The person is an empath so they’re like a sieve to all types of energy, including negative energy and/or they or their home has an inordinate number of open portals and negative entities, attached or otherwise. Often, this is because they live on land that has seen violence (war, sacrifices, torture, battles), is on ancient burial grounds, has experienced dark arts/magic, etc. So very often, this means they have one or more earthbound spirits on their property on in their home/apartment. Sometimes they die from natural causes; sometimes they are murdered because the murderer goes crazy from the negative energy/entities, but most often, they get so depressed from that energy that they take their own lives. This is what happened to Erik. 🙁

Did you know that over 80% of you have negative entities in your home and/or in and around your energy? We can remove those permanently.

OUR PLAN FOR THE WEEK: This weekend, we completed everyone’s chakra work. Today, we did the empath protection packages and the healing spiritual illness package on those who ordered it. Tomorrow, we will complete yes or no questions, consults, healing recs, guardian angel names, messages and hopefully some mediumship package services like opening the third eye, etc. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be devoted to portal work and next weekend, if I have any energy left, I do more of the mediumship package services. I just want you guys to know what we are doing every week. There might be a time when I will have to limit services to those who need it the most. I can’t bear the thought of delegating this work to another person. But for now, I’m willing to work my ass off! LOL.

Another announcement: Erik wants us to repeat everyone’s services, whether it’s “Healing Spiritual Illness, Empath Protection, Chakra Overhaul, Portal Work, Opening the 3rd Eye, Awakening the Kundalini, Activating the DNA, Decalcifying the Pineal Gland and more from time to time. FOR FREE. Hence the 12-14 hours a day/7 days a week for Mama Elisa. But we love it. And we do this FOR FREE. Also, if I change the language in a prayer of intent or protection under the guidance of Erik and the Divine Team, he has be perform energy work with a specific sequence of frequencies so that this language is integrated into all previous services for all Atlantis Scalar. Again, FOR FREE. This is our mission. This is our passion. We love you and want to help you because a few of those who are nudged to Atlantis Scalar are part of big angelic projects that serve humanity.

Also, if you are an Atlantis Scalar peep, please put me on your contact list so that emails from me don’t go to spam. It happens often. So yeah, check your spam now, too, okay?

One last thing: Please order portal work appropriate to the number of people living in the household. If you just want to “try it out” on yourself but not on the rest of the household, the moment we begin working on you, your negative entities flee from your energy and attach to another person in the family. Then, once we finish, they sneak back into your energy body just before we can cover you with the permanent shield. That’s 5-10 hours of wasted time, time that is grueling for me emotionally, physically and mentally, That said, although I have repeated the work for free in the past, I won’t do that anymore. Just be careful and order the correct service. By the way, the portal work repeats are MUCH harder and longer.

Check out the Atlantis Scalar site HERE! Please read the entire About Page and for the list of services, click HERE.

Here’s a short video of the place I do the energy work for Atlantis Scalar. Of  course now, I’ve been moved to the shed, which my husband and Lukas converted from a bug and dust infested space to something that deserves the title, “She Shed.”

We WILL have a radio show tomorrow after a holiday hiatus and it should be awesome! Then, there will be a 2021 Predictions session conducted soon!

So don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show This Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET.

Tuesday, we will be joined by special guest, and blog member Lambert Scalvini!  Lambert will be talking to us and sharing his fascinating information all about negative entities! Lambert is a Paranormal Enthusiast and has had experiences since a child. You do NOT want to miss this one!   Erik will be talking with his mom, Elisa of Atlantis Scalar, and Spirit Translators Heather Hartford CommonGroundHealing, Michelle Gray

Join us, to be part of the conversation!

Last, if you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

You can also access the show through


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Hope to hear from you on the radio show tomorrow!!