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Whoa, this is CRAZY!

Okay, so maybe that was click bait but not entirely. Just wanted you to know that I’ve been cranking out the consults like a mother f-er and I am often reduced to tears when I read your stories that you put into the order.

Also, as I’ve said, remember that when we do portal work on a household, if there’s someone in the family that has one or more of the infamous trifecta [empath, energy blocks, spiritual contracts to revoke] then to ensure your energy work is successful, we need to get them taken care of. You can either use the inexpensive $6 question to ask if anyone in the family is hindering things or you can order a consult on them if you feel pretty sure they’re in need of help.

Also, I WISH WE DIDN’T NEED A FIELD FOR COMPANY but we can’t get rid of it. Just write in whatever you want: Bozo the Clown, “Who the fuck cares” or whatever you want. That last one was Erik’s suggestion.

Also know that the 3 part sequence can be done ANYTIME BETWEEN 7 DAYS BEFORE PORTAL WORK UP UNTIL 7 DAYS AFTER!!

A lot of you have ordered one consult asking about every family member, but I can’t do that. One consult=one person. It takes a lot longer than you think.

When you order a service, Erik says that it’s okay to wait for 10 weeks (2.5 months) before ordering the next but NO MORE THAN THAT or it might not be successful. There is no limit to how soon you order a service after completing a prior one but I always believe you should wait for the 12-16 days to see if the service fulfills all of your needs before purchasing another.

Last, I was actually (believe it or not) my husband asked me what I wanted in so far as buying something. He loves buying new sweaters, jackets and hats, but I thought about it long and hard and couldn’t come up with ONE thing. Nada. I am fine with my Walmart/Academy clothing line blend, much to the chagrine of my daughters. I don’t wear anything but costume jewelry, if that, and I’m fine with my old Jeep which, being a hermit, I never really drive much anyway, And maybe it’s weird but it kind of bothered me that there is nothing material that I want. Until I realized that it was this, Atlantis Scalar, helping my son help others, that really fulfills me. My Amex card hates me.

It has been cold lately and I’ve been thinking about how the cold affects me. I do love the change in seasons, which we don’t get much of here in Houston, but summer before last in Norway, since I almost died, I have adjusted my perspective. Talk about a crazy woman who has put WAY too much on her plate this incarnation. Damn. WHY? Check out this interview that my daughter, Kristina, held with right after I almost died in Norway. The facts aren’t entirely correct. I was lost in the tundra, hard cold rain, wind and 28 degrees F. And my core body temp AFTER they warmed me up in the tundra was 84 degrees F. That’s freaking cold and 1-2 hours away from death. I’ll attach the interview and the document with details mostly because I want you all to know that you are NOT alone in this, the human experience. I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk and always will. GOD I LOOKED OLD HERE.