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Age Reversal, Back and Neck Pain and Addiction Relief Energy Work in Testing Phase!

Hey all, first I want to say that this week, I’ll be working on the above new potential energy work services. I already have all of the volunteers I need. I’m also going to offer a service so that you can find out what spiritual contracts you still have, which can be revoked and which cannot. VERY GOOD TO KNOW! I’m also going to catch up with the increasing vibrational frequency, the healing spiritual illness, the chakra overhaul and the mini-mediumship bundles. I won’t be doing portal work or Trifecta work until the following week.

The Addiction Relief service covers addictions to substances and behaviors and if you want us to do it on someone other than you, that person doesn’t have to know. We check in with their Higher Self for permission. It has to be repeated every 4 months for a total of 4 sessions. I’m very excited about this one so I hope it passes the test. I can’t offer it to you guys unless if does.

The Age Reversal work is cool because it’s designed to give you the maximum possible youthfulness not only in appearance, but also physiology, biochemistry, bodily function and mental function and rejuvenation of all organ systems including, but not limited to, the skin, brain and skeletal system. For ongoing success, since we still age, it has to be repeated every 4 months. The anti-aging work will show its effect probably as soon as 14 days but for sure in 4 weeks.

I’ve also tested the energy work to maximize psychic abilities and one for clairvoyance and clairaudience. The former seems to work but I’m not happy with the one of the clairs, so I won’t be offering that. 🙁

On these new services, if i do end up offering them, will include a pre-screening to make sure you have no irrevocable contracts or other things that might prevent it from being successful.

Also, I asked Erik to lower the price of his consult and he agreed to the new price of $40!! Lukas will make the change soon.

Last bit of information: if you want to order portal work on your household, if one of the household members suffers from severe mental illness like schizophrenia, we need to first make sure we can revoke all spiritual contracts for that mental illness, otherwise we can’t do it.


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As many already know, my husband had a severe head injury while testing his race bike (without a helmet which is SO uncharacteristic of “Mister Safety,” in the pit area. He hit a puddle while only in 1st gear and “high-sided”, flying off of his bike, landing on his face and head with a hard smack. He was unconscious for quite some time, was rushed to the closest hospital in Angleton, TX, where a CAT scan showed a severe concussion and a subdural hemorrhage (in the brain, itself.) He was then rushed to the closest Trauma One hospital (the highest level) and admitted to the neurotrauma ICU where he remained until serial CAT scans were stable. Now he’s at home, recovering slowly, while I nurse a very cranky, uncooperative and sometimes disoriented patient back to health.

I suspended the site until last night, but on top of everything, we’ve suffered two winter storms that knocked out our power (and therefore the server that runs this site) and water for a couple of days. I hope to catch up with every order by the end of next week. I am caught up through the first week of February and beyond so if you ordered anything before that, please check your spam/junk folder for my response. If it’s not there, let me know and I’ll check for the infamous “Quickbooks” glitch that may have let your order slip through the cracks.

Now for the good news! WE HAVE QUAD PAY AS A CHECKOUT OPTION so you can pay over time WITHOUT INTEREST. I pay the 6% fee but at least the services will be made available to more people who are in great need.

More good news: I’m testing out two new services and may launch the third:

#1 Relief from Addiction to Addictive Substances (such as alcohol, smoking, opioids (heroin, Fentanyl, etc.) etc. I’m testing it on some family and friends first. And if I get enough money saved up, I’d love to get a bunch of scalar generators to try to help solve (or at least mitigate) the opioid crisis by targeting the treatment to that collective. If I launch this one, I will have to screen people to make sure they don’t have an irrevocable contract behind thir addiction.

#2 Age Reversal Energy Work: I plan to test this on me and some other old fogies first with before and after photos but the Prayer of Intent, which I will refine with Erik today, will address more than physical appearance. It will also address physiology, mental well-being, etc.

#3 Consult for Discovery of Your Spiritual Lessons. Apparently, Erik says there are around 29 common lessons we are here to learn. Yesterday, I found out that my husband’s is humility and mine was Loss (checked that one off the list) and I am still working on patience and understanding (and I see this as I struggle to deal with my difficult patient!) ANd I think it would be helpful for people to learn what their major lessons are for this lifetime. I’ll get Erik to confirm that he wants to offer this and have him set the price.

By the way, these consults and the Yes or No questions aren’t as quick and easy as one might think. I have to spend a lot of time getting just the right Hz frequency to ask various questions and then I have to clear all negative entities, not only for that frequency, but also for the person I’m asking the question for. I often have to do these several times as the entities keep returning.

I am still testing the energy work for clairaudience and clairvoyance and haven’t yet tried the one for increasing psychic abilities.

BE SURE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE QUAD PAY OPTION and the offer still holds for all orders greater or equal to $1000 (as one order, not over time) for the person to receive all possible Atlantis Scalar merchandise from my son, Lukas, (who I will pay.)

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Expect Short Backlog

Sorry guys but my husband had an accident on his motorcycle and suffered a head injury. He sustained a bleed in his brain and is now in a Level One Trauma hospital in the ICU in Galveston being well taken care of. For me, the dowsing rods just don’t cooperate when I have this level of stress so I will need to take this weekend and possibly Monday off. You all know I’m a workhorse so I will catch up as soon as I can. If you can limit your emails, that would be very, very helpful. And we WILL have the Quad Pay 4-payment interest free option on checkout in the next few days. Lukas is working on a glitch it seems to have.

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Good and Bad News

Okay, sorry for another post, but this is going to be short. My husband doesn’t want me to offer the vaccine service anymore. Too much of a medical liability. I will complete current orders, however. I did get my vaccine yesterday and NO side effects. Not even much in the way of tenderness, so I think the service works well.

The good news: Erik gave me frequency sets for 2 new potential services that I will check on myself and another family member first. 1) Energy work to increase clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities and 2) Energy work to increase psychic abilities. It takes 17 days for max effect so I’ll let everyone know whether or not it works in about 3 weeks. I’d love to see and hear Erik AND pick good stocks, LOL.

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Don’t Order Until You Read This!

Guys, I might be approved soon for Sezzle which is a payment option I can add at checkout that will allow you to pay in interest-free payments. It will cost me a certain fee up front and per transaction but I feel it’s the right thing to do. I know that those who need this energy work the most also struggle, financially, so this will give portal work and other energy work a chance to bring in the abundance so that it will be easier to pay for the balance. SO PLEASE DON’T order if this is an option that interests you.

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Okay, I’m not going to get pissed because that’s what they want me to do, but I was sitting at the kitchen table sending emails about results with my dowsing rods to my left. I got up for a drink of water to find them gone. I looked everywhere. They’ve done this to my glasses in the past. So I’m hobbled until I get new ones. BUT DON’T STOP READING BECAUSE I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU!

Most important: Erik has created lower cost bundles for a lot of things: the Trifecta (so if you are an empath, have contracts to revoke or a lot of energy blocks to clear, he’ll do it as a bundle at a much cheaper cost than ordering each one separately. Same with what I call the Triplex: Opening the crown chakra, the third eye and decalcifying the pineal gland. He seems to recommend this a lot. So ordering this bundle is cheaper than ordering each separately. He also created a bundle for the Trifecta screening and for the increasing vibrational frequency. Still we don’t want to be too hard on your pocket book (I know, worst business woman ever) so I’m looking into things like Sezzle where you can have some sort of PAYMENT PLAN.

Designer, Dave Banta, created a beautiful hard copy Guardian Angel gift card with hi quality stock, a personalized message from the Angel and even a wax seal for the heavy stock envelope. CHECK IT OUT:


One last thing: For all orders at or over $1000, I’m going to guy Lukas three articles of merchandise and send it to you for free: A beautiful mug, a canvas tote and a dreams and reflection journal.

Wait, one more thing. After working for so many hours and returning to the house (from the “She Shed”) I get dismayed by the huge number of emails. Yesterday I had a total of 121 to answer. So PLEASE, unless you ABSOLUTELY MUST, withhold all but the most urgent of emails. Thanks and I hope you understand.

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Unsubscribing, New Rules for Consults and NEW BABY!

Hi my beautiful souls!

As you know, I lowered the price of a Consult from Master Angel Erik Medhus so that people could make sure that they and other members of their family did not have “The Trifecta” that hinders the chance of success for the energy work I do with the Divine Team, particularly portal work: Being an empath, having a lot of energy blocks and/or having spiritual contracts that no longer serve you that deny that success.

Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped with consult orders by many who are just curious and, admittedly, will not order any services. I received 66 such orders in the last 24 hours, so this is an untenable situation for me. It actually takes a lot of prep to get rid of any negative entities or other saboteurs that don’t want you to have empath portection, portal work, etc. so it’s not just asking Erik what you need. So it takes an average of 40 minutes per person.

That said, I’m going to create another consult JUST TO SCREEN FOR THE TRIFECTA for IF you have had portal work. The full consult will go back to the original price. I need to concentrate on people who want help rather than just people who are curious, although there is nothing wrong with that! It’s just that I’m only one person, so… I hope you understand. So order the Trifecta Consult from Erik IF you have had portal work or if you order it at the same time. I will have Lukas suspend consults until he gets that up and running.

Also, you only need the Palo Santo spray for portal work, not for any of the other services. Lukas will make that change as well.

ABOUT UNSUBSCRIBING: Lukas has researched and researched and there is no way to unsubscribe from posts. I will try to decrease the frequency of the posts, and if you definitely want to be unsubscribed, your account has to be permanently deleted. It’s okay if you want that, though. AND we tried to find a way to eliminate the Company Field but it’s a plugin that can’t be customized to put anything you want there. Some have been quite original!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! My 5th grandbaby, a daughter, will enter this crazy but awesome world tomorrow around 7 A.M. She’s breech so it’s a scheduled C-section. Wish us luck and send love and prayers to new Baby Braly.

Check for the aforementioned changes in the next day or two.

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Whoa, this is CRAZY!

Okay, so maybe that was click bait but not entirely. Just wanted you to know that I’ve been cranking out the consults like a mother f-er and I am often reduced to tears when I read your stories that you put into the order.

Also, as I’ve said, remember that when we do portal work on a household, if there’s someone in the family that has one or more of the infamous trifecta [empath, energy blocks, spiritual contracts to revoke] then to ensure your energy work is successful, we need to get them taken care of. You can either use the inexpensive $6 question to ask if anyone in the family is hindering things or you can order a consult on them if you feel pretty sure they’re in need of help.

Also, I WISH WE DIDN’T NEED A FIELD FOR COMPANY but we can’t get rid of it. Just write in whatever you want: Bozo the Clown, “Who the fuck cares” or whatever you want. That last one was Erik’s suggestion.

Also know that the 3 part sequence can be done ANYTIME BETWEEN 7 DAYS BEFORE PORTAL WORK UP UNTIL 7 DAYS AFTER!!

A lot of you have ordered one consult asking about every family member, but I can’t do that. One consult=one person. It takes a lot longer than you think.

When you order a service, Erik says that it’s okay to wait for 10 weeks (2.5 months) before ordering the next but NO MORE THAN THAT or it might not be successful. There is no limit to how soon you order a service after completing a prior one but I always believe you should wait for the 12-16 days to see if the service fulfills all of your needs before purchasing another.

Last, I was actually (believe it or not) my husband asked me what I wanted in so far as buying something. He loves buying new sweaters, jackets and hats, but I thought about it long and hard and couldn’t come up with ONE thing. Nada. I am fine with my Walmart/Academy clothing line blend, much to the chagrine of my daughters. I don’t wear anything but costume jewelry, if that, and I’m fine with my old Jeep which, being a hermit, I never really drive much anyway, And maybe it’s weird but it kind of bothered me that there is nothing material that I want. Until I realized that it was this, Atlantis Scalar, helping my son help others, that really fulfills me. My Amex card hates me.

It has been cold lately and I’ve been thinking about how the cold affects me. I do love the change in seasons, which we don’t get much of here in Houston, but summer before last in Norway, since I almost died, I have adjusted my perspective. Talk about a crazy woman who has put WAY too much on her plate this incarnation. Damn. WHY? Check out this interview that my daughter, Kristina, held with right after I almost died in Norway. The facts aren’t entirely correct. I was lost in the tundra, hard cold rain, wind and 28 degrees F. And my core body temp AFTER they warmed me up in the tundra was 84 degrees F. That’s freaking cold and 1-2 hours away from death. I’ll attach the interview and the document with details mostly because I want you all to know that you are NOT alone in this, the human experience. I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk and always will. GOD I LOOKED OLD HERE.

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Impulse Vacay!

Hey all, no need to respond (hint, hint) but I found out we’re taking our 4 year-old grandson camping in Galveston and will return Monday evening. I forgot it was MLK Jr. Day, so the hubby is off. I won’t be working on orders, but I did a lot of consults and will email you about them on the way or while I’m there depending on the Wi-fi. Didn’t get the last few that came in, but i’ll get to them when I get back. PLEASE try not to email me because you know me by now….I will feel compelled to answer. THANK YOU!! LOVE YOU!

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Slow the Roll!

Okay, here’s a comment from one of my fave AS peeps:


It’s true. I am a TERRIBLE businesswoman, always have been, so it’s a good thing I consider it a passion rather than a business. And yes, I repeat any energy work it it’s not successful because of me. That was early on and so far doesn’t happen anymore. Knock on wood. Still, every month, I do a retrograde integration protocol to integrate any new language written in my Prayers of Intent. And every time I do a service, I ask Erik if anyone needs to have it re-done and if yes, we take care of those in one session without the need to know their names. It’s not really like doing it all over again since it’s partially successful.

Okay, as to the title. Those who know me know I have an Obsessive Compulsive Personality, so if I see an order some it, I feel compelled to take care of it right away. That’s why so many of you are surprised by the quick results. But that makes for 14 hour/7 days a week for me and one or two that were 20 hours. So for my benefit and yours (of course no sane business person would say this) please get order one service at a time. Usually, portal work is the most important followed by Empath Protection, followed by Opening Energy Blockages with Spiritual Contract Revocation as a close third. The others are less crucial. Still, it’s a good idea to wait and see how each service affects you and your family.

About family. Sometimes, when portal work isn’t as successful, we don’t know which family member might be an empath, which might have contracts to revoke and which have energy blocks, so it’ll take a consult on each one, usually only the adults and older teens. The little guys haven’t been through enough shit (Erik, stop making me say that! Actually, I do curse and love it. Sorry.) to need these services. But it’s okay to do a consult on one person at a time, starting with your gut instincts on who the “culprit” is!.

Check out this encouraging story:

Hi Elisa and Erik,

Just a quick note of appreciation to you guys. When I woke up yesterday 75% of my aches and pains had disappeared. It was quite profound. I didn’t realize what was happening until I checked my emails a couple of hours later and saw your message of the chakra work finished. Very effective!!!!Thank you so much for the extra work you both felt I needed. It will prepare me to learn, help others and pass on the good will which I am very grateful for. Keep up the great work and Merry Xmas to you both and your family. 

Michelle xx

ONE LAST IMPORTANT THING: Do NOT be alarmed (as several people who have had portal work have been) if you see a very tall, dark and massive figure standing my your bed. That’s Archangel Metatron who comes in with Archangel Rafael to clean up any stray negative energy. TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM AND ARE GRATEFUL!

I’m posting some new videos on the CE and the Atlantis Scalar YouTube channels!