Chakra Tune-Up


Get all of your seven chakras tuned, aligned and balanced. It often hastens the positive effects of energy work. [NOTE: READ DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE ORDERING!]

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In the Scalar field, we make sure all of our chakras are perfectly tuned, aligned correctly, and then balanced. This is very important if you want to see faster results from your portal work and Erik suggests you get this work on an annual basis just as you would a regular tune-up for your car, only it’s a lot less expensive and a lot more important.

What the heck are chakras? In short, they are any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body

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Pricing structure is as follows:

Up to 4 Chakra Work @ $45 per person.
5 or more in your purchase, then @ $40 per person.

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Chakra healing is an excellent way to balance your chakras and find balance within your body and mind.

• Improved overall health and well being.
• Greater and faster ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.
• Increased openness, memory, concentration and awareness.
• Positive outlook in terms of understanding, perception of behaviors and thought process.
• Heightened creativity and better resourcefulness because of better perception.
• Sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self- confidence.
• Improved and deeper sleep, better control over your emotions and improved patience.
• Release blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions
Access the energetic frequencies and higher states of consciousness at will, and you will see your life move forward in the direction that you set forth during your session.
• Be grounded, secure, confident and in touch with your own body
• Be in touch with your emotions, but not overwhelmed by them
• Become comfortable with your own sexuality
• Become self-confident and able to manifest your desires without dominating others
• Be compassionate and loving, with healthy relationships
• Be able to express your own truth, to listen as well as speak
• Get in touch with intuition
• Have a sense of connection with the divine



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