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Empath protection is vital, particularly for children, for functioning well in a world full of negative energy. [NOTE: READ DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE ORDERING!]

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Some of us have energy that is wide open, receiving the energy of other people as well as situations and places without proper discrimination. Here are signs you might be an empath and could need this service.

For Adults:

  1. You feel the emotions of others
  2. You take on the energy of others (When others are happy, you are happy and when others are depressed, it brings down your mood.)
  3. You are drained by negative people (“Energy vampires”)
  4. Strangers ask for your advice and often unload their problems on you
  5. Your intuition is highly accurate
  6. You are drawn to certain people
  7. The weather and the news affects your mood
  8. You listen more to people’s energy than to their words
  9. You can feel things before they happen
  10. You might suffer from social anxiety (agoraphobia) and feel anxious in crowds and small spaces
  11. You’re often told you’re “Overly sensitive” or emotional
  12. You crave solitude, even if you’re an extrovert
  13. You can read the energy of a room right when you enter it
  14. You have artistic gifts
  15. You often suffer from back and/or shoulder pain
  16. You can easily read people and know if they are lying and if they should be trusted
  17. You self-medicate with drugs or alcohol
  18. You feel physical pain when you see someone in an embarrassing situation
  19. You have had a lot of paranormal experience
  20. Even when you get enough sleep, you feel physically and mentally exhausted
  21. You feel uneasy in antique stores
  22. You experience a lot of déjà vu moments, synchronicities, coincidences and patterns
  23. You are uncomfortable with clutter and owning a lot of physical possessions
  24. You feel best in nature
  25. You love to travel and feel like you are a free spirit
  26. You have (probably erroneously) been misdiagnosed with mental illness
  27. You are passionate about animal and human rights
  28. You feel uncomfortable if you don’t have control over your immediate environment
  29. You have a lot of lucid dreams and often astral travel
  30. You tend to be a “fixer” and want to help others
  31. You are drawn to holistic and spiritual careers
  32. You can relate to experiences you’ve never had

For Children:

  1. They tend to be highly sensitive or labeled as “on the spectrum”
  2. They become overwhelmed by stimuli more than other children you know
  3. They cry when others are hurt or upset
  4. They feel very deeply
  5. They have strong connections to animals and nature
  6. They spend a great deal of their time thinking and need a lot of alone time
  7. They demonstrate compassion for inanimate objects
  8. They are deeply troubled by certain movie or TV scenes
  9. They are avid readers and sponges of information
  10. They experience a lot of vivid dreams
  11. They can tell when people are lying
  12. They have artistic and/or musical gifts
  13. They often feel like “they don’t belong.”
  14. They often have mysterious symptoms that doctors can’t seem to diagnose like frequent headaches, tummy aches and sore throats

What You Might Expect After This Energy Work

A sense that nothing ruffles your feathers like it did in the past

Higher tolerance for “toxic” people and “energy vampires”

The increased ability to “bounce back” from trauma or stressful experiences

A sense of being comfortable in your own skin, sometimes for the first time in your life

A sense of Oneness with all

An increased sense of well-being

Feeling content more often

No more sense of foreboding that something “bad” is going to happen

A stronger sense of self, knowing who you truly are

A frequent, pervasive sense of calm

A sense that your energy is more balanced

More trust and harmony in relationships

More open mindedness

People react differently around you, in a good way

Feeling more secure


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