Guardian Angel e-Gift


This has got to be the most CREATIVE gift one can give a loved one: The name of his or her Guardian Angel. For an extra bonus, you can have that angel provide a personal message. This is perfect for the Holidays, birthdays and any other occasion.  [READ DESCRIPTION BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS.]

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Can’t think of gift for someone special? It doesn’t get more unique than this! Give your loved one the name of his or her Guardian Angel with or without a personal message from that Divine Being. Let your loved one know that this is the angel that is with them from the moment of birth and never leaves their side until their last day on Earth. Often, when they say this name aloud, it evokes deep emotions of love and gratitude.

All we need is the names of the sender and recipient, the email address you’d like us to send it to unless you’d like to receive it and send it yourself (in which case you will put your email address in the recipient field at checkout) and a message of your choice. (e.g. Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas)

Here is an example of the eGift:

Guardian Angel Gift



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