Guardian Angel Hardcopy Gift Card


Give the most unique gift ever conceived to someone you love, a gift that lasts a lifetime: The name and message from his or her Guardian Angel.

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Thanks to designer, Dave Banta, we’ve created personalized cards that you can mail to your loved ones that have the name of their Guardian Angel, a message from that Angel, and the beautifully engraved initial of the Angel. A Guardian Angel is the light being that is with you, guiding you from birth to death. Once you know that name, you know who to wake up and thank every morning and who to express gratitude toward for protecting and guiding you throughout your day every night before you go to sleep.

The inner sleeve is made from the finest paper stock and the card, itself is thick and of the highest quality with an embossed engraving on the front and a high quality envelope with a wax seal closure.

*Note: I charge the usual amount for the name and message. Dave Banta charges for the design and materials. So I do not charge extra in comparison to the Guardian Angel e-card.


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