Increasing Vibrational Frequency


Increase your vibrational frequency and protect it from all internal and external influences that could lower it and have it last for all eternity. See description below for benefits. NOTE: Erik says this service takes close to 8 hours to perform on each person and effects can be noted as soon as 4 days to a maximum of 16 days.


Signs and Symptoms that Suggest You Have a Low Vibrational Frequency:

Frequently angry, jealous, bitter, resentful and pessimistic (Plagued by a lot of negative thoughts)

Burdened by guilt and shame

Life feels “heavy” to you

Negative people flock to you

Sense of being stuck or stranded, not knowing what to do next and you find it difficult to progress in life

Apathy, uncaring attitude toward yourself and others

Emotionally distant and/or reactive

Struggling with fatigue, lethargy, despair and desperation

Self-centric view of the world

Struggle with chronic illness

Being unfit and unhealthy

A sense of feeling unfulfilled

Connection to others brings you pain

You continually make poor choices

You have mental issues: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc.

You find it hard to forgive yourself and others

You tend to be cynical and skeptical

You are needy and demanding of others

You argue and complain a lot

Your primary focus is on the negative

You fail to see the beauty in life

You engage in a lot of self-sabotage

You find it difficult to feel and/or express gratitude


What You Might Expect After This Energy Work:


The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with. Your energy is literally full of light! Your life flows with synchronicity, and you manifest what you desire with ease. Overall, your life takes on a positive quality.


Increasing the frequency of your energy body has many possible benefits including, but not limited to, the following:


Increased ability to channel spirit since your frequency will be closer to theirs

Increased intuition

Improvement in physical health

Improvement in mental health

Improvement in emotional health

Improvement in spiritual health

Balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

Resistance to lower vibrational events, experiences, people and environments

Protection from negative entities and energies

Greater personal power, clarity, peace, happiness, joy, empathy and compassion for others

Life will begin to flow with synchronicities and ease of manifestation

Increased creativity

Finding that problems, confrontations and obstacles aren’t so profound

Positive risks seem easier

Increased vitality, sense of well-being and wholeness

An experience of Oneness with all

More control and direction in your life

Feeling more spiritually grounded


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