Portal and Negative Entity Count


This is a count of portals and negative entities (as well as those attached to you)  in and around your energy body and home. [NOTE: READ DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE ORDERING!]


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Note that the portal and negative entity counts are limited to one per order. If you would like to purchase multiple portal scans, please start a new order for each one.

***This does NOT involve the energy work of closing “bad” portals, opening “good” portals and removing negative entities. IT IS SIMPLY A COUNT.***

Here, we scan for the  number of open and closed portals in your energy body and in your home, the number of negative entities in your energy body and in your home,  and the number of negative entities around your energy body and the number actually attached to your energy body as well as the number of stray negative entities roaming around your home.


$30    Individual

$30    Prospective employee

$50    Prospective new home, including determining if there are any earthbound spirits haunting the home, if so, when and how they died, if the home is buried on a Native American burial site, etc.

$30    Prospective love interest

$50   Prospective employer and workplace environment



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