Revocation of Spiritual Contracts


Often, previously agreed upon spiritual contracts can interfere with the success of portal or other energy work and deny you the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial health. Almost all are easily revoked.


If you have spiritual contracts written that deny you spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial health and wellbeing and deny you other forms of abundance, spiritual evolution and progress, this makes the likelihood of success for any Atlantis Scalar service much lower. Archangel Michael has created a long sequence of frequencies for me to use in the scalar field so that such contracts can be immediately and permanently revoked. Rarely, contracts cannot be revoked. We ask that question first, and we will refund your money if that’s the case with you.

What You Can Expect from Spiritual Contract Revocation:

 (These are just a few examples. There are countless other spiritual contracts)

In the case of revoking vows of poverty and other contracts based on a lack of abundance you will see an increase in all forms of abundance depending on the contract: love, health, wealth, etc.

In the case of spiritual contracts for relationships that need to be revoked, once revoked, you finally realize that there are relationships that must be ended or changed for the Greater Good of all parties.

In the case of spiritual contracts for physical disease, especially if you open up energy blocks and have portal work on your household, these diseases often resolve once those contracts are revoked.

The same goes for emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological disease.

In the case of spiritual contracts for a lack of purpose, once revoked, there’s an increased clarity about your life path and spiritual mission.

In the case of spiritual contracts for loss and trauma, once revoked, the seemingly endless cycle of experiencing one loss or trauma after the other finally ends, although, in rare cases, sometimes cutting the spiritual DNA behind this is also necessary.



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