Social Anxiety


This thoroughly Atlantis Scalar service relieves you from all social anxiety/agoraphobia meaning all emotional, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual discomfort associated with exposure to the energy of another person or more than one person such as groups, small or large.


This service relieves you from the anxiety associated with exposure to the energy of others, it relieves every sign and symptom stemming from that anxiety whether it’s emotional, physical, mental, psychological or spiritual.


Furthermore, in the intent script for this service, the language specifies, as it does for all Atlantis Scalar services, that this service never regresses, reverses, degrades or diminishes, that it is 100% complete and successful, that all spiritual contracts that would deny that success are revoked and that it lasts from now and for all eternity, transcending all lifetimes, dimensions, universes, alternate and parallel realities, planetary systems and Source systems so we have you covered!


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