Super Portal Work + Increase Vibrational Frequency


THIS PRICE COVERS HOUSEHOLDS OF ANY AND ALL SIZES! In order to reduce costs and help more people in need, Master Angel Erik created this  bundle to address all the aspects that might hinder the success of energy/portal work.


As Master Angel Erik has said, sometimes regular portal work isn’t as successful as it could be for two reasons:

1) One or more persons in the household are empaths, have a lot of energy blockages and/or has spiritual contracts to revoke. This is also known as the “Trifecta” and Atlantis Scalar has Trifecta service for both individuals and multi-member households to address all three of these issues.


2) One or more persons in the household has a very low vibrational frequency.

Erik’s special bundle is a great and cost-effective way to get regular portal work plus the Trifecta service (together known as “Super Portal Work”) and the “Increased Vibrational Energy” Atlantis Scalar service.

Furthermore, in the intent script for this service, the language specifies, as it does for all Atlantis Scalar services, that this service never regresses, reverses, degrades or diminishes, that it is 100% complete and successful, that all spiritual contracts that would deny that success are revoked and that it lasts from now and for all eternity, transcending all lifetimes, dimensions, universes, alternate and parallel realities, planetary systems and Source systems so we have you covered!


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