Terms & Conditions of Sale

By agreeing to purchase our services, I understand the following:

  1. The disruptions and or holes in my energy body and home (or that of the person(s) receiving the services) is usually caused by either one large or a series of many traumas either from the present life or a past or future life and could be a bleed-through from a future or past life to this one. That said, I still acknowledge that I (or the person or people receiving the service or services) might need further healing from another modality, whether recommended by Erik or not.
  2. When energy blockages are open (that should be open,) abundance of all types will flow through, but you mustbe aware of the many opportunities that may be in your path and take proactive steps to take advantage of them.
  3. Most people experience positive results in approximately 8 hours, peaking in 10 days and sustaining at that level. 
  4.  No cure is guaranteed and one should always consider the advice from one’s medical and/or mental healthcare professionals.
  5. There are caveats to this energy work. After the work is done, tt’s up to you to check in with us if something doesn’t seem right. We want the very best outcome for you. You are still at the mercy of spaces and people who may have open portals and negative entities and energies. Plus, you are still may be subjected to the ups and downs of life’s trials and tribulations and various traumatic experiences in the future as well the wide spectrum of emotions life often presents. That said, if you do encounter negative energy in spaces or from people, take a warm bath that has a couple of cups of pink Himalayan bath salts for at least 7 minutes. 
  6. Most people experience positive results in approximately 8 hours, peaking in 10 days and sustaining at that level. 
  7. You are also responsible for seeking the healing you might need for the trauma or the series of traumas that opened or closed the portals in the first place. If you need Erik’s recommendations, he will happily provide them.
  8. Last, once your closed portals are open, information, creativity and abundance of every form will flow freely, but it’s up to you to use your intuition to see the many opportunities that will now open up to you so that you can take advantage of them. 
  9. All sales are final; no refunds are allowed and are solely at the discretion of Atlantis Scalar.
  10. Results may vary. Our services are not intended to not replace medical care. If you need medical attention, please call your physician or emergency services.
  11. I understand that if I am an empath and don’t get the empath protection package, have energy blocks and don’t order the opening energy blocks service, and/or have a spiritual contract that is not revoked before or shortly after you perform any other service, I cannot hold Atlantis Scalar responsible for a lack of complete success and I will not expect the service to be repeated.